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Updated Traveling Lecturers List: Frater AISh MLChMH

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The Education Committee hosts a Traveling Lecturers List of established OTO members willing to travel to your local body and give lectures and workshops.

If you are a Master of a local body in the United States, you may contact any of these lecturers to come to your Valley!

This list was recently updated with Frater AISh MLChMH’s new information:

Frater AISh MLChMH

  • Biography: Brother AISh MLChMH has been an active member of Ordo Templi Orientis for over 26 years.  He is a former body master of Leaping Laughter Lodge in Minnesota, and a former secretary of the U.S. Grand Tribunal.  An ordained Priest and M.M.M. Initiator within O.T.O. since 1998 e.v., he regularly serves the community of Scarlet Woman Lodge in a clerical and initiatory capacity. He is also a certified trainer for the 0-IIIrd degrees. At his local body he currently leads a monthly discussion of the Class B A∴A∴ text, Liber Aleph.
    Additionally, he is an active participant in Heart of Blood’s productions of The Rites of Eleusis.  His talk, given at the O.T.O. in North America Centennial Conference in Vancouver, “The Alpha and Omega of Initiation,” was recently published as an essay in Success Is Your Proof, One Hundred Years of O.T.O. in North America.  He is presently at work on a text that will address in part, symbolism and Qabalistic doctrine within The Gnostic Mass.  Professionally, he is an educator, and resides in Texas with his wife, and their pet snake and rabbit.
  • Body: Scarlet Woman Lodge
  • State: TX
  • Contact: aishmlchmh@yahoo.com
  • Topics:
    • Duplexity: a Glance at the Relationship Existing Between the O.T.O. and the A.’.A.’.
    • From Gold Forge Steel: a Brief Analysis of the Symbolism in The Gnostic Mass
    • Glory unto the Scarlet Woman
    • Our Lord and Father the Sun: Liber Resh and the O.T.O
    • Rituals of the Elements and Feasts of the Times within the O.T.O.
    • Symbolic Analysis of the M.O.E. Degrees
    • The Alpha & Omega of Initiation: Aleister Crowley, Charles Stansfeld Jones and the Way of Duplexity
    • The Labor of the Preparation: Crowley’s 21 Year Effort to Obtain The Comment
  • Travel Availability/Needs: Willing to travel and pay own expenses depending on the distance.  Requests a room to lay his head.
  • More information: Click here for more information about Frater AISh MLChMH’s topics

Contact education@oto-usa.org if you are interested in having Fr. AISh MLChMH or any of the other traveling lecturers to your Valley.

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