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  • Biography: Kerry Kurowski (Soror Hypatia) joined Ordo Templi Orientis in 1995. She served as past treasurer of William Blake Oasis, and as master of William Blake Lodge from 2001-2008. As a speaker, she has given numerous classes on the role of the priestess, Tarot, magick, astrology, the O.T.O. and many other topics. She has presented at O.T.O. bodies all around the East Coast, in Australia, in May 2008 at Gathering of the Tribesin Oslo, NOTOCON IV and VI, and served as on-site conference chair for NOTOCON V. Her experience as a credit counselor inspired her to create the workshop Financial Planning for Magicians featured at Thelema Wow! 2002 and at Knights Templar Oasis in 2003. She is an ordained priestess, a member of the Profess House Committee, and recently became U.S. Grand Lodge E.G.C. Secretary in 2008. She works as a professional event manager.
  • Body: William Blake Lodge
  • State: MD
  • Contact: kakurowski@verizon.net
  • Topics:
    • The Role of the Priestess in the Gnostic Mass
    • EGC Training
    • Initiator Training
    • Cakes of Light Class
    • Astrology 101 and Astrology 102
    • Ritual Construction Class
    • Magical Journaling
    • The Delicious Languor of the Magical Retirement
    • Venus Ritual
    • Special Event Planning
  • Travel Availability/Needs: Willing to travel; would need hosting body to cover some travel expenses; willing to stay with local Brethren, but expect tidy accommodations. Too old for the floor.
  • More information:

The Role of the Priestess in the Gnostic Mass

Synopsis: Goes into detail about celebrating the Mass, invoking, working with priests, perils of being a priestess, etc. Not a run through of Mass; no temple required. Encourages discussion. Open to both men and women. 1 – 1.5 hrs.

EGC Training

Synopsis: Training for Gnostic Mass clergy. 2 hr or day-long workshop.

Initiator Training

Synopsis: Training for aspiring and novice initiators. Day-long workshop or can be broken up by degree.

Cakes of Light Class

Synopsis: Goes into how to acquire ingredients, recipes for baking, and various methods of “activating” cakes. Encourages discussion. 1 hr.

Astrology 101 and Astrology 102

Synopsis: 101 goes into the fundamentals of astrology. 102 goes into the fundamentals of interpreting a natal chart. 2 hr each.

Ritual Construction Class

Synopsis: This 101 class goes into designing a ritual structure, raising energy, working individually vs. in groups, etc. 1.5 hrs.

Magical Journaling

Synopsis: A 101 class on the magickal record. 1 hr.

The Delicious Languor of the Magical Retirement

Synopsis: Tau Asteria talks about designing and completing her 2005 magical retirement, a month-long ritual referred to as the Big-Ass Lunar Working. Does doing a spiritual retreat guarantee enlightenment? Can you do sex magick every day? Find out more. 1.5 hrs.

Venus Ritual

Synopsis: This is an awesome ritual which sensually raises energy (safely) with the goal of manifesting a specific intent. Speaker facilitates. 3.5 hrs with set up and tear down.

Special Event Planning

Synopsis: This class goes into the details of planning special and regional events. Items such as budgets, permits, fundraising, egos, and getting people to attend (and pay) are covered. Kerry works as a professional Conference Planning Manager with over 13 years experience in this field. 2.5 hrs with break..

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