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Lectures offered by Kayla Block

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  • Biography: Kayla Block joined the Order in 1989. In her time in the Order, she has provided user interface design for the U.S.G.L. web site, chaired the O.T.O. Women’s Symposium, and is currently Secretary for the Education Committee. She resides in Las Vegas with her three dogs and two horses.
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  • State: NV
  • Contact: luxuria@synchronous-city.com
  • Topics:
    • The Solar Body: An Exploration of Liber Stellae Rubeae
    • Exegetical Methods
    • Intuitional Tarot
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The Solar Body: An Exploration of Liber Stellae Rubeae

Synopsis: The solar body is formulated by clothing the sun with the moon. At the moment of conception, the sperm is similarly clothed in the ovum. On another level, the solar body reflects into the lunar ethereal body. It is formed by a process of imagining ourselves reflected from our own body. Embark on an exploration of the gematria, symbolism, and etymology of “Liber Stellae Rubeae.” We will explore the sexual and mystical in approaching this study of one of our Holy Books.

Exegetical Methods

Synopsis: Exegesis provides methods for intense study of rituals and Holy Books. Learn to draw the meaning out of text by examining cultural and historical contexts, gematria, qabalah, and etymology.

Intuitional Tarot

Synopsis: This is normally an 8 to 10 week series but can be condensed into a day long seminar. Students will learn to use their intuition to read the cards rather than using book interpretation. Brand new readers and those who have been reading for years can both benefit from this class.

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