Jessica Melusine (Soror Kaywinnit Lux)

Lectures offered by Jessica Melusine (Soror Kaywinnit Lux)

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  • Biography: Jessica Melusine (Soror Kaywinnit Lux) is a writer and performer who lives and works in the Washington, DC area. Her work has appeared in the books Red Light: Saints, Sluts and SuperheroesShameless: Women’s Intimate Erotica and Zaftig: Well Rounded Erotica and in a forthcoming anthology from Soft Skull Press. She has performed spoken word at Ladyfests from the Bay Area to New York City, performs burlesque and publishes the zineHouri for Hire. Jessica Melusine has presented at conferences including the American Folklore Society, Pantheacon (with multimedia artist Melissa Gira), the 2006 Sex Work Matters: Beyond Divides conference at The New School in New York City to the 2006 OTO Women’s Symposium. She is active in William Blake Lodge, OTO.
  • Body: William Blake Lodge
  • State: MD
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    • Ballbreakers Sluts and Queens: Bad Taste Bhakti and the Divine Feminine
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Ballbreakers Sluts and Queens: Bad Taste Bhakti and the Divine Feminine

Synopsis: This workshop will focus on exploring magick and marginalized images of women from the worlds of high and low culture with emphasis on the low, or what is seen in “bad taste.” What makes a woman in bad taste and how can this embody magick or wholeness? We’ll talk about The Homewrecker, The Slut, The Queen, The Ballbuster, The Bitch, The Butch, The Whore, The Freak, The Soccer Mom, The Psycho, The Stepford Wife, The Dying Saint, The Bunny, and The Scarlet Woman, as well as other examples in varieties of media; and looking on what happens when media figures and representations collide head-on with the Divine, and what happens when we can be hopelessly devoted to them. We’ll talk about class, culture and media and have a ritual experience where these female figures come out to work it with us. Media incorporated will include, but are not limited to, films (including those by Russ Meyer, John Waters, Doris Wishman, Kenneth Anger), comics, magazines, advertisements, People, Hollywood Babylon, thinkers (including Aleister Crowley, Peter Carroll, Carol Queen, Jack Parsons, Scarlot Harlot, Hakim Bey, Susan Sontag, Lon Milo duQuette, John Waters, Angela Carter, Jill Nagle, Annie Sprinkle, Harry Hay), and more. Approaches will be a heady mix of the theoretical, the magickal and the artistic: Come confront, delight, and be amazed.

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