Brandy Williams


Brandy Williams has been practicing and teaching magic for 30 years. She took her Minerval initiation in 1988. At present she serves as High Priestess of Anahata Rose Croix Chapter. Brandy is also an ordained priestess in Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica and celebrates Mass with Vortex Oasis.
Brandy’s published books include Ecstatic Ritual: Practical Sex Magic, The Woman Magician: Revisioning Western Metaphysics from a Woman’s Perspective and Experience, and For the Love of the Gods: The History and Modern Practice of Theurgy, Our Pagan Inheritance. Her book Practical Magic for Beginnersis in its tenth printing.
Brandy can present any of these programs individually. They can also be combined for a day of presentation, discussion and ritual.

A Day of Theurgy

  • Theurgy for Thelemites
  • Advanced Theurgy
  • Inclusive Thelema
  • Theurgic Invocation of Hermes and Athena

Theurgy for Thelemites

Presentation, 1 hour

“There is no part of me that is not of the gods.” What does that mean?

Aleister Crowley had a classical education. Today we don’t always have the background in history and religion he took for granted. This presentation gives us the basic concepts we need to understand how to perform the theurgic work Liber Astarte.

Advanced Theurgy

Presentation, 1 hour. Pre-requisite: Theurgy for Thelemites
What happens when we complete Liber Astarte? We’ve offered devotional to our gods, built altars, called deities into statues, even called deity into each other. What is the final step that brings us into the presence of the gods in their own sphere?
This presentation reviews the Kemetic and Greek understanding of the soul, the theurgic teaching about the soul’s journey and return, and theurgic purification of the soul’s bodies. We review the Thelemic ritual Liber O Vel Manus Et Sagittae Sub Figura VI which describes the soul’s theurgic ascent to the realm of the gods.

Inclusive Thelema

Discussion, 1 hour
This structured discussion leverages the wisdom of the community through series of questions on core topics: post-Crowley Thelema, woman centered Thelema, race and Thelema, queer Thelema, cultural appropriation in Thelema, secrecy, and appropriate social action.

Calling Hermes and Athena

Ritual, 1 hour
The ancients talked to the gods and they talked back. Theurgy is the methodology they used to initiate contact and prepare themselves to receive the presence of the divine. In this ritual we will call on Hermes and Athena using theurgic techniques: invoking our ancestor teachers, reciting hymns, drawing on earthly objects bearing their power, and actively observing with the eyes and ears of the soul.

A Day of the Divine Feminine

  • Babalon and Asherah: The Goddess of Life Returns
  • The Divine Feminine in Ourselves
  • Consent Culture in the O.T.O.
  • Vespers of Nuit

Babalon and Asherah: The Goddess of Life Returns

Presentation, 1 hour

Before she was Babalon she was the Goddess of Life. In the Aeon of Isis she was Ishtar, Innana, Asherah. As Asherah she was worshipped in the Temple at Jerusalem alongside YHWH. The Aeon of Osiris rejected the Goddess and elevated the God to the status of creator. In that aeon Western religion rejected the female divine and demonized women’s sexuality. In the New Aeon the Goddess comes roaring back!

New rituals envision the universe as a creation of ASRH along with YHWY. Thelemites in this Aeon take up the task of balancing the Goddess and the God, re-sacralizing sexuality, and working as sisters and brothers with each other.

The Divine Feminine in Ourselves

Presentation, 1 hour
Western metaphysics assumes philosophers, geniuses and magicians are men. This presentation expands metaphysical language and imagery to include women’s language and culture. We explore Goddess imagery in each of the planetary spheres, finding the female divine in every aspect of magic.

New rituals allow people of all genders to explore the female aspects of magic. The ASHR formula offers a new way to understand the manifestation of spirit in the human body. A new Thelemic ritual, the Star Garnet, allows the spiritual body to self-regenerate.

Consent Culture in the O.T.O.

Discussion, 1 hour

The O.T.O. has strict policies prohibiting harassment. Nonetheless harassment continues around the country and around the world. Policy is important but does not in itself create cultural change. We are looking for new ways to create a magical culture in which all Thelemites can freely and safely explore our sexuality and our magic. This requires conscious effort and participation on the part of everyone in O.T.O. communities. This workshop provides information, structures discussion, and offers an opportunity to engage in a consent negotiation exercise.

Vespers of Nuit

Ritual, 30 minutes
Soror Asherah’s beautiful ritual calls on women teachers, Goddesses and saints as we lift our hands to the evening sky. We conclude with an opportunity to commune with Nuit.

A Day of New Thelema

  • Consent Culture in the O.T.O.
  • Inclusive Thelema
  • Thelemites Talking About Racism

Thelemites Talking About Racism

Presentation and discussion, 1 hour
This presentation grew out of Brandy’s work with the Kitsap County Council for Human Rights (Washington state) and Showing Up for Racial Justice.

U.S. Grand Lodge has affirmed its commitment to “opposing ideas and doctrines–whether religious, political, philosophical, or pseudo-scientific–that tend toward the enslavement of the human spirit, which indwells ‘every man, every woman, and every intermediately-sexed individual.'” How do we put this into practice? We review definitions of racism and resources available to individuals and groups. The presentation concludes with an open discussion of how to move this project forward in our communities.